Photography Workshops

Do you find yourself taking a lot of photos, but wish you could consistently create amazing images that you’d be happy to share with others?

Or have you got a camera collecting dust in the cupboard that you were going to teach yourself with?

Due to COVID-19, classes at this time will be held online with your instructor, with pre-recorded demonstrations.

It’s one thing to own a camera, but it wont automatically make you a good photographer, just like having all the right brushes wont guarantee you’ll be able to paint a masterpiece.

It takes a technical and creative skill set to use your camera to express your artistry through photographs.

Whether you aspire to become a professional photographer, pursue photography as a hobby or just have a genuine interest for the art form, the good news is you can easily learn the skills to consistently create amazing photos using your very own camera.

We’ve created the Beginner Photography Workshop just for you!

What You'll Learn:

Still Life Photography

How to create amazing photographs from seemingly mundane objects.

Macro Photography

How to take close-up photographs of small objects in amazing detail.

Portrait Photography

How to use your creativity to create intriguing photographs of people.

Posing Your Model

How to pose your model to create the flattering images she’ll love.


How to adjust your aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings to get the best exposure for your photographs every time.


How to use natural and artificial lighting to enhance the quality of your photographs.


How to control and compose your scene to create art within your photographs.

Bokeh & Depth of Field

How to make your model or subject really pop in your photographs.

Photo Editing

How to edit your photographs ready to share online or print and display.

Gear & Camera Settings

How does your camera work, and what camera gear do you need to take your photography to the next level?

History of Photography

How has the art of photography developed over the past 200 years, what it means for your photography today.

BONUS: With Our 8 Week Course:

Night Photography

How to take amazing and well-exposed photographs at night.

Long Exposure Photography

How to use long exposure techniques to create amazing works of art in your photographs.

Choose a Course

We have one-day, six-week and eight-week workshops available.

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