Wedding Tips

Wedding Tips

We’ve put together a list of some helpful tips that’ll help your wedding day run smoothly and be memorable for the right reasons.

Avoid shiny makeup

You may want to avoid shiny makeup on your wedding day as your skin may appear oily, wet or sweaty in photos. If in doubt, we'd be happy to discuss suitable makeup finishes with you and your makeup artist.

Natural lighting

Allowing natural light to fill rooms wherever you are during your wedding day is the number one, best thing to do to make yourself look your best in your photos and film. Where possible, let your makeup artist know that you'd rather be by the window while getting ready and make sure that all the blinds are open in the rooms.

Think of us as your old friends

You always look best in your photos and film when you feel free to be yourself. We'll do our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed with us on your wedding day; just think of us as your old long-lost friends and your photos and film will turn out amazing!

Sweet memorable moments

Some of the most memorable and sweet moments we've captured are those like first looks and gift/note exchanges before the walk down the aisle. It is your day, so you call the shots, but you might want to give one or both of these ideas a second look if you haven't incorporated them already. It is always the little things that set your wedding apart and make it one of a kind.

We eat too

If you have us covering key moments at your reception, please consider us when arranging your catering; that way we can eat when you do and wont miss anything by having to duck out for dinner. Some buffet-style caterers are happy to include this for you at no extra charge.

Your wedding plan

We recommend providing us with a schedule of your wedding day ahead of the day along with contact names and phone numbers of all key people and vendors involved in your day. Many couples don't have a dedicated wedding planner available on the day, so we like to liaise with everyone and make sure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

Music volume

A little music to move to while getting ready for your special day can help take the edge off a bit. Just keep in mind the louder the music is, the more potential exists to ruin our audio, specifically all the lovely dialogue exchanged during prep. If possible, keep the music low or off altogether.

Additional team members

We take steps to ensure the best product is being produced for your and your significant other, and sometimes that means we travel in teams. Depending on your wedding size, the collection you choose to purchase and location there may be multiple photographers and videographers shooting your special day. Don't worry, unless agreed upon in the contract at an earlier date, this is no extra charge to you and promises to only improve the quality of your final products.

Videographers look like photographers

Our videographers shoot footage on DSLR cameras and can look a lot like photographers to guests at your wedding. If you have a different photographer and only have us for videography, please let people know we are shooting video not photographs – clarity all around means better looking shots. We get a lot of "photo requests" from guests who are a little disappointed when they don't find these photos in the photographer's final event album.

Copyright music

It is illegal to use copyrighted music without proper licencing in your edited wedding films. We have the ability to licence many songs so if you have music you especially like, please let us know and we will be able to let you know if a licence is available for your wedding film.

Pre-ceremony alcohol

Please keep alcohol consumption to a minimum prior to the ceremony and don't be offended if we express our concern. Part of your wedding includes a legally binding contract and if your celebrant feels that you, your fiance, or witnesses are too impaired to provide consent, your wedding may be cancelled on the day. If in doubt, please discuss this with your celebrant ahead of time.

Zero tollerance

We have a right to a safe working environment and have a zero-tollerance policy towards abuse. As your wedding will be our workplace for the day, please make sure your guests are aware that staff at your wedding, including your photographers, will not tolerate abuse. Your DJ or MC may assist in making guests aware during their "housekeeping" announcement.

Register with police

If you're not having your wedding at a fully staffed wedding function venue, you should consider registering your "party" with the relevant authorities to assist them with potential complaints from the public without having to interrupt your wedding reception. In WA, this can be done through a simple form on the WA Police's website.

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