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Wedding photography offers the unique ability to bring back the memories and emotions of your wedding day for generations after your day has come and gone. They are a testament to all the effort you’ve put into your special day.

Some people are happy for a friend or family member to take snaps on their phone or give the job to someone that calls themselves a photographer based only on that fancy camera they purchased from the store. Most people want more than that.

Photos are a celebration of life, its special moments and everyday experiences; the memories we want to cherish forever portrayed by a talented artist. That’s why most people choose a professional photographer with a style that appeals to their inner artist.

At Whately Photography we create timeless works of art that you’ll proudly display in your home for generations to come!

No Time Limits

All of our photography collections focus on what’s covered and have no time restrictions, as we believe in bringing an enjoyable and relaxed experience to your wedding day.

Your Story

We work with you every step of the way; getting to know you and your unique story. By the time your wedding day comes along, we'll be able to draw out your authentic emotions, making for the best possible photos.

Prompt previews

Show off your photos to family and friends quicker! You'll have a dozen high quality digital previews to share within 48-hours, and the rest in under a month!

Premium products

We sell premium photography products, including albums and custom made wall decor signed by the artist, which you just can't buy at the local photo lab.

We’d love to get to know you and your story.

Let’s grab a cuppa at a local cafe – our shout!

Complete Memories

Photography and videography work hand in hand to create captivating, complete memories of your day, allowing you to both reminisce over photos and relive it through video.

Our Unique Approach to Photography

We absolutely LOVE connecting with you, capturing memories and telling your unique story through photographs and video.

We believe that connecting with your photographers on a personal level, making you feel comfortable and allowing you to relax and be yourself, is key to capturing your authentic, natural emotions and expressions.

The team at Whately Photography understand its difficult to answer a question like “what do your want from your photography?” so instead we created a unique process and exercise that helps us to identify what you feel is most important when it comes to your photographs.

From this exercise comes answers to help our artists know exactly how to capture your special moments before the shoot or even picking up the camera.