Videos You'll Receive
of Your Wedding Day

With wedding cinematography by Whately Photography you’ll receive your videos within just weeks of your wedding. But what videos will you receive and what’s included in them?

There are four key videos you’ll receive of your wedding:

Feature Film

The feature film is a story-based film that uses the sounds and imagery of the day to bring back the emotions of the day for years or even generations to come.

Some videographers will instead provide a highlight film of the day, showcasing video of the day along with some music. If you would prefer a highlight film, just let us know.

This is the video you will share with family and friends, and the video you will watch most often throughout the years.

Wedding Ceremony Video

The wedding ceremony video is a full video with multiple camera angles that covers the processional walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, rings, kiss, and the recessional walking back down the aisle. 

It may also include some other moments before, after or during the ceremony, such as the tears of joy eyes of the father of the bride.

Speeches Video

The speeches video is a full video of the speeches from your wedding.

As the years go by these moments will become all the more special when you can watch family or friends impart their words of wisdom on your wedding day, even though they may no longer be with us.

Documentary Edit

The documentary edit is the all the unedited footage from the day compiled together in one long video.

This video will feel a lot more like a home video than anything else but you may pick up on a few things you missed throughout your wedding day. 

We can create other videos for you too, such as your first dance or first look.

Or perhaps you would like a love story film created ahead of time, telling the story of how you met and how your relationship has grown, and play it on a projector screen for your guests at dinner.

What ever you envision for your day, we would love to help make it a reality!

We’d love to catch up with you
and discuss creating amazing video of your wedding day
that you’ll treasure for generations.