Our Story

We love capturing lasting memories for couples that want to relive their wedding day for generations to come.

We, Jasmin and Beau Whately, created Whately Photography to give you a photography experience for your wedding day that goes beyond just showing up and clicking a button on a camera. We set out to make your photography experience everything it could be. 

We work with you every step of the way, getting to know you and your unique love story. By the time your wedding day comes along, we’re able to draw out your natural, authentic emotions and be ready to capture each memorable moment, making for the best possible photos.

It is our strong belief that photos are a celebration of life, its special moments and everyday experiences; the memories you want to cherish forever portrayed by a talented artist.

Jasmin Whately

Senior Photographer

Beau Whately

Senior Photographer

Julie De Paiva


Merran Scott


Joanne Ballack

Makeup Artist

We’d love to get to know you and your love story.

Let’s grab a coffee at a local cafe – our shout!